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Solar batteries 'exploding' in popularity with uptake tipped to triple in 2017, audit finds


A battery storage room with a Tesla battery.

The first national audit of batteries that store solar power shows almost 7,000 were installed in Australian homes last year — and that's predicted to triple this year.      Warwick Johnston from solar consultancy SunWiz carried out the audit by speaking to manufacturers and suppliers.    "There was a significant fall in battery prices mid-way through 2016 and the popularity of batteries just exploded," he told the ABC.   He said with South Australia battling blackouts, batteries would eventually be a "game changer" for Australia's energy networks.

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  Responsibilities of owning a solar power system.  

Ensuring the solar PV system is inspected and maintained in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations. Where there are no manufacturer’s recommendations, inspection and condition-based maintenance shall be performed by a qualified person. See full guidelines



As the owner of an embedded generating system you have obligations, under Victoria’s Electricity Distribution Code: See full guidelines





Often you will hear that PV systems are maintenance free. This is not the case. All electrical systems require maintenance from time to time to ensure the system is:
1: Working at optimum performance.
2: Above all Safe to operate.    Source Pg 48: Solar Electricity Consumer Guide



Product recalls:


The result of the RECALL of DC isolator switches sent Solar retailers into liquidation leaving thousands of consumers without WARRANTIES and UNSAFE SOLAR.   See    QLD Gov | Master Electricians | CEC


  Advancetech Pty Ltd,   Advancetech Pty Ltd, a Sunshine Coast based electrical and industrial supplier, was placed into liquidation on 15 May 2014, following the Queensland Government’s recall of a DC isolator used in domestic solar systems. More  
  Queensland State Government  

The Attorney-General has issued a recall order on certain Avanco branded DC solar power isolators used on solar power systems after it was found to have an internal fault that can lead to overheating and fire.

Attorney-General and Minister for Justice Jarrod Bleijie made the announcement following investigations conducted by the Electrical Safety Office (ESO) and independent reports from the University of Queensland and the Queensland University of Technology. More

   Master Electricians   The Queensland Government has warned that some isolators used in solar electricity systems have an internal fault that can lead to overheating and fires. More